On My Way…

So today was the last full day I am going to have in the U.S….. Very sad.  Although it was the last day,  it seems like I should be feeling like im leaving tomorrow (which I am).  It still hasnt hit me yet. I have gotten to spend lots of time with family and friends over the past couple of weeks and I am going to miss you guys so much! I think I am ready then I’ll ever be for Kenya and i REALLY can’t wait. Thank you for all of you who have kept me in your prayers. I raised all but $202.00 of my mission fund. You guys really made it possible for me to be able to go on this journey. Tomorrow my flight leaves at 7:30 pm so I get to spend a good part of the day here in Florida. I will have a layover in Amsterdam wich should bring lots of great pictures (and hopefully we can visit the annex of Anne Frank!). Keep Lauren and I in your prayers as we fly out tomorrow. IM GOING TO MISS YOU FLORIDA!



$ $ $…

28 more days until I am headed to Kenya! ….. funny thing is I still need to raise $1,000.00!!!

I have sent out many letters and I have received many donation gifts, but unfortunately I am

still a little short : (. If you are feeling the need to help a student missionary get to her destination

you can send your donations to Student Missions P.O. Box 370 Collegedale, TN 37315-0370 and

write a note that it is for Ashley Mather’s mission fund. Thanks a lot! I’ll keep you posted.




p.s. I bought a video camera so there will be some video posts during my stay in Africa!